Paddington Bear Plush (34cm)
Paddington Bear Plush (34cm)

Paddington Bear Plush (34cm)

- Description -

This quality plush Paddington Bear stands 34cm tall, wearing his FAMOUS duffle coat, well-worn hat and wellington boots. He is also carrying his suitcase, ready for adventure!

- Story -

Paddington Bear is a symbol of kindness. At Two boys and a Jungle Kingdom, we believe in trying to make a better world for all, and that is why Paddington's story and the meaning he holds is so important to us. 

As a stowaway, Paddington travelled by boat and was taken in, loved and cared for.

Generations of readers have stood in Paddington’s shoes. Paddington encourages us not to see refugees as scary “others” - but as people who may just appreciate a warm hug and a marmalade sandwich.

'Not all that wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien