The Story of Beginnings

Posted by William Jirik on

The Start of the Jungle Kingdom.

On the 13th of July 2020, two boys began to grow 36 Avocados in memory of the beautiful Sophia Saly. Koky, one of the two boys, had this idea to help him keep Sophia's spirit alive in this world. And I am glad to inform you… 


Koky succeeded! Of the 36 Avocados, all (yes all!) have shown roots, and some have already started to shot the most beautiful leaves!!! Sophia lives on in so many ways, but I think she must have taken a special liking to these seeds and the boys that care for them.

The two boys vision has now grown from commemorating Sophia to creating a world where there is more love and care for nature, plants, others and ourselves then there was yesterday. And I, like you, wish them the best of luck <3.